Jacqueline M. Byrum

Jacqueline M. Byrum After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Jacqueline M. Byrum achieved a longstanding goal to work in television journalism, winning a highly competitive internship at CNN. From there, she worked under acclaimed anchor, Bernard Shaw, and became a successful writer and editor at CNN’s Headline News.

Soon, however, her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to set her own income led her to pursue a career in sales. After much research, she decided to go into the healthcare arena and eventually chose McKesson, a Fortune 12 company and the largest healthcare distributor in the world. McKesson offered a strong brand, commission-based structure. She admired the fact that you could write your own paycheck, in a manner of speaking, depending upon how hard you wanted to work, demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset from the very beginning of her new career.

After working for McKesson – a Fortune 12 Company – for close to 9 years, and achieving the status of top sales person out of 400 sales representatives in the country, Jacqueline set her sights on something different.
A creative and entrepreneurial thinker, she discovered a niche market in healthcare that was vastly underserved, and had been overlooked by larger competitors. The market was small surgery centers and clinics, the solution was a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that was specific to this market. Every hospital works with a GPO. Jacqueline saw a built-in – and potentially very financially profitable– growth in the smaller providers, from this vision New Source was born.