Valerie S. Fulkerson

Valerie S. Fulkersonhas navigated the rapidly modernizing world of office management and development beginning her career in banking to improve her knowledge of finance, while attending Clayton State College, Georgia. After fulfilling her desires in banking, Valerie was hired by NICO Industries, Inc. to establish and manage offices around the country. Her experience in quickly establishing herself in any city and ability to anticipate and account for the multitude of office needs proved invaluable as she built successful, fully functional offices from the ground up.

Because of her reputation for opening successful offices around the country, Valerie was sought by a Venture Capital company to assess the needs of the start-up companies in their portfolio. She developed and implemented documentation requirements for problem resolution; improved quality results by evaluating and upgrading processes; analyzed and summarized data objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning and scheduling employees. Communicated job expectations; enforced policies and procedures; monitored and reviewed job contributions. Having become a savvy office management professional, Valerie joined Jacqueline Byrum to build New Source.