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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference

Join us in Vegas for the A4M Conference, stop by our booth for exclusive offers of the attendees.  

December 11th Webinar: New Sources of Revenue for Aesthetic Practices and Medical Spas in 2015!

An important focus of MedResults Network is to research new products and services that will create new additional income for MedResults Network members. The weight loss market is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Clinically supervised weight loss is typically not a service offered by Aesthetic Medical Practices or Medical Spas, although patients that are interested in […]

Are you working with a niche GPO?

Mid Week Break -4

Imaging Centers

Heart Healthy Life

  As February comes to an end, we at New Source want to make sure everyone stays “heart healthy” year round! Please keep up with your doctor appointments, study up on the risks of heart disease, and be proactive by informing yourself of ways to keep your heart healthy! If you would like to give […]

Don’t Buy It Diet

I find it hilarious that people are coming up with diets such as the “Tooth Brush Diet.”  Great concept and I’m sure it works for some people, but what if I told you I have a “diet” that works for everyone?  This diet is 100% effective and anyone can do it.  It’s called the “Don’t […]

H2 Whoa!

Do you have dry skin?  Perhaps a bad headache along with that, and an unfortunate case of a bladder infection?  If you haven’t heard this for the hundredth time, the source of these unpleasant cases most times is all thanks to being dehydrated!  If any of you are like me, and can’t seem to find […]


Remember when your mother used to tell you to eat your vegetables?  Now you are all grown up and your mom is no longer at your side to remind you to take in your daily dosage of vegetation.   What do you do now? No, you don’t expect your significant other or anyone else to manage […]