What is a GPO

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What is a GPO?

Medical Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is an entity that leverages the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO Group Purchasing members.

Improve your operating expenses — immediately

We realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume of healthcare providers and use that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.

Top Five Considerations When Selecting a Group Purchasing Organization:

1) Do they serve your market? Make sure they are designed to handle your type of practice.
Make sure they are not just focused on the hospital market – you want them to be focused on your particular needs.

2) Customer Service:
– Do they charge a fee to join?
– Is their enrollment process simple?
– Do they provide you customer service?
– Is there someone on the other end of the line when you have a question?

3) Can they provide you significant savings?
Many Medical Group Purchasing Organization will claim to provide deep discounts, however, fall short with what you need.

4) Are there restrictions on your purchasing?
– Minimum delivery
– Do they require you to purchase in bulk or by the pallet?

5) Does their product portfolio represent at least 80% of what you purchase?
If not, will you be penalized for buying off contract?
These are some considerations in searching for a group purchasing organization.